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Protection Training Level I - Deterrent

The protection level I course teaches canines how to defend themselves and their family by teaching canines to present an aggressive display on command. Canines learn how to display aggressive actions such as; showing teeth, lunging, or barking aggressively. These actions can be performed toward any aggressor presenting to be an unexpected assault. The course also teaches canines not to be intimated or fearful when faced in a situation of non-physical assaults.




Protection Training Level II - Defensive Dog

The protection level II course incorporates the aggressive stance learned in protection level I with additional defensive techniques for your canine to provide and maintain a safe perimeter for their family. This course trains dogs to win fights with any type of aggressor, while never backing away on leash. With a life-threatening bite, the dog will use his body to counter an aggressor’s attack. The training prepares canines to physically and mentally attack with a full, deep bite when encountering physical assaults with the ability to release on command.




Protection Training Level III - Elite Protection

The protection level III course integrates all the benefits of the protection level II course in addition to boosting self-assurance for canines to deploy away from owners off leash. At this level, owners will be able to control canines from a distance. Canines will be able to capture an abductor, burglar, or other criminals while in the act of fleeing. In addition to biting, canines will use their arms, legs, or any other body part in an attack to deescalate situations and capture perpetrator regardless of the number they may be challenged with.




Protection Refresher Courses

These 1-hour refresher courses are designed to enhance canines ability to protect by maintaining their peak performance to naturally protect in situations of threat with or without command

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