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K&G Kennel adores the Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso)! Our profound admiration has compelled us to breed these fine Cane Corso’s! Years ago, we decided to purchase our first Cane Corso for numerous of reasons. Initially, we were just seeking an amazing kid friendly house dog with an immense temperament to guard and protect our household. After researching various breeds, we concluded that the Italian Mastiff was perfect for us and we would personally train the canine to acclimatize him with our personal needs and desires.  Now, our dogs live for our family and possess great temperaments due to our time and dedication. They are well-mannered and loved by all of our family, friends, and more importantly, our children. Their temperament is that of a working dog, very smart and extremely energetic making our family life fun and entertaining. There hasn’t been a dull moment ever since our Cane Corso’s became members of our family. 

In addition, we chose this breed because they are more attentive to their owners and more responsive to training than other mastiff breeds. Though quite dominant and strong-willed, they will respect and remain loyal to their owner, if raised properly. There are a million places where you can purchase a Cane Corso, but there’s no Corso like K&G Kennel’s.  We strive to set ourselves apart from the vast majority of breeders by raising our puppies inside the home to ensure they are socialized in different environments and exposed to various sights and sounds within the household.  With the significant amount of love and care we possess; our #1 goal is to find great families with impeccable households to continue mimicking what K&G Kennel has shared throughout their lifetime.

Today, we have trained over 200 canines to successfully meet the needs and desires of their owners. We provide powerful, intelligent, active, and loving mastiffs with great lineage, 2 year health guarantees, and even a temperament guarantee. With our strong commitment, we aim to continue to provide our resources and support to the community. If you are interested in learning more about K&G Kennel service or puppies, please contact us via email or phone so we can assist you in finding your next Cane!

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