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K&G Kennel is proud to offer stud services for the following breeds: Exotic Bully, French Bulldog and Cane Corso with the approval of the Dam (only for Cane Corso). If you are interested in obtaining semen from one of K&G’s studs, please fill out a stud application. 

K&G Studding Policies:

Upon entering this agreement, K&G Kennel is not responsible for the following:

  • If a Dam does not become pregnant (many factors can affect whether or not a pregnancy occurs, progesterone testing is a tool used to predict the time of ovulation but is not 100% exact. Factors such as quality of semen, actual ovulation and maturing of eggs, age and health of the canine, as well as other factors such as medications, food, and environment can affect the outcome of the pregnancy).

  • Quality of semen being artificially inseminated (this can be due to handling, collection, and overall quality of the semen).

  • Quantity of puppies in a litter

  • Conception of Brucellosis (It is recommended that both canines involved in breeding be tested for Brucellosis prior to the insemination)

  • Shipment of semen to our facility


****K&G Kennel is not a veterinarian and does not act as such and cannot diagnose or interpret laboratory results*****

Payment is due at time of service

Studding Application

Have you ever bred before?
Is your canine up to date on Rabies? (proof required)
Upload PDF File
Upload PDF File
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