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  • Do you only train Cane Corsi?
    No, we train a variety of breeds and sizes ranging from teacup to large breeds.
  • How old does my puppy have to be to start training?
    Generally 10 to 12 weeks is when we suggest training should start.
  • Do you have payment options?
    Yes. We offer a payment plan of half of the cost of training placed as a deposit and financing terms of the other half of training paid in weekly or biweekly payments per negotiated agreement.
  • Do you board?
    We do offer boarding. However, this service is only avialble to dogs who have participated in one of the training programs or if the dog weighs less than 50 pounds and has exhibited NO signs of agression.
  • How many follow up class do you give after training?
    An important part of the training process is following up, and we like to ensure that the dog is integrating back into the home. To assist with this process, we offer 2 home visits with our training programs.
  • Do you work with the owners once training is complete?
    Absolutely! It is a necessary part of training to ensure that your puppy is set up for success. However, please keep in mind that if you only select on-leash (Basic Obedience) training, K&G will not provide training guidance on off-leash (Advance Obedience) training.
  • How many dogs do you train at a time?
    We train 2 dogs at the same time with the help of an employee.
  • Is my dog let out on a regular basis?
    Yes! We care about the health and well-being of your puppy and strive to ensure they are well-taken care of. However, please remember that this is a training camp and the focus will be on training and not play-time.
  • How often will I get updates on my puppy's training?
    For the first three days of training, there will be videos and pictures to document your canine's adjustment to the new environmnet and detailing how training is progressing. Throughout the rest of training, we will strive to give you updates on the training through texts, calls, videos, and pictures. You can always reach out at any time throughout the training with questions!
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